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In a rapidly changing economic landscape, it has become more important than ever to not lose sight of the big picture and find the right way for your business to grow. Whether you are at the beginning of your growth-journey or have a wealth of experience to look back on, Growing Business Events offer you the chance to join a community of outstanding business leaders and hear what experts and businesses are doing in these changing times.

Webinar One
Thursday Sep 24 2020

Building Back Up - Your Business in the New World

The initial shock of the changed world has passed. Businesses all over the UK have worked tirelessly to do the best for their teams and to stay afloat. This webinar is designed to look at the next steps, now things are getting back to some type of normal. What can you do to ensure your business returns to growth mode or retains recent growth?

  • How to switch your strategy from surviving back to growing
  • Covering the bases - improving your planning structure
  • Which technologies have been supporting growing businesses – where is innovation coming from?
  • Innovation – recognising the opportunities and going for it
  • Case studies – how others have done it and their tips for success


  • Chair: Rachel Bridge, Editor, Growing Business Intelligence
  • Tom Ricca-McCarthy, Co-Founder, Lucidity
  • Professor Christopher Bovis, Professor of International Business Law, University of Hull
  • Evan Maindonald, Founder and CEO, Melt Homes

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Webinar Two
Friday Nov 27 2020

Planning for the Future in the Face of Technological Advancement

Technology has been advancing at an unprecedented rate, with the massive increase in people working from home the need for this technology has increased. This webinar looks into how entrepreneurs can plan for the future in the face of technological advancements. Which key advancements are coming, and how these are likely to impact the business world in the next five years means for growing businesses growth:

  • Analysing technology that is thriving in the new world
  • How to include new technologies within your business strategy
  • What is to come - looking into the future


  • Chair: Rachel Bridge, Editor, Growing Business Intelligence
  • Anthony Chadwick, Founder and CEO, The Webinar Vet

Finance Leaders' Webinar
Tuesday Dec 01 2020

Driving Strategy as a Finance Leader: How to guide & manage your company strategy as the FD

The role of Finance Director and CFO is changing. There’s a recognition of the unique, data-led insight a Finance Leader can bring to strategic planning and formation of a company strategy. Much has been written about the importance of becoming this heralded figure within a company, but not enough has been said about how to practically do it.

In this webinar we’ll show you exactly what you need to do to meet your potential as a strategic leader, and outline best practice for leading strategy formation and managing execution.

You will learn:

  • About the increasing trend for FDs and CFOs to drive company strategy
  • Best practice, practical ways to run strategy planning
  • The best tools and techniques to use
  • Exactly what a CEO needs from a Strategic CFO

Panellists include:

  • Rachel Bridge, Editor at Growing Business Intelligence
  • Tom Ricca-McCarthy, Co-Founder at Lucidity
  • René Moolenaar, CFO at Crunch

Webinar Three
Friday Dec 04 2020

Adapting Your Leadership as Business Changes

As a business grows, so do the management techniques needed to get the best out of a changing team. The last few months have seen this in the extreme. Thriving businesses now struggling to survive and unexpected intense growth for others. The way you lead your business during this time impacts on the long-term success of your business.

  • What do employees want? How have their mindsets changed and how do you
    need to change yours?
  • Recognising the signs to change and altering your strategy
  • Empowering your staff - ensuring employees buy into strategic changes
  • Listening, messaging and making sure everybody understands the values


  • Chair: Rachel Bridge, Editor, Growing Business Intelligence
  • Alison Shadrack, Founder / MD, Adia PR
  • Neil Potts, Co-Founder, The Vurger Co
  • Brie Read, Founder, Snag Tights

Webinar Four
Friday Jan 15 2021

Analysing Available Funding Models

The Government stepped in during the crisis and helped out a number of businesses to get through the lockdown period. Now it is time for companies to look at the next step. Especially if the demand for your products have increased throughout 2020 - what funding options are now available to take your business to the next level?

  • Overview of available funding and understanding what is best for your business
  • Banks, Private Equity, Venture Capital - what are they investing in now?
  • Long-term planning - where is your business going and preparing for the next steps

Webinar Six
Friday Jan 29 2021

Mental Health – You and Your Team

When the outside world is out of control – how do you keep your team focused and what is your role/responsibility in maintaining their mental health? As an employer you need to ensure you are not only looking after those around you but also looking after yourself. Taking on too much responsibility and stress can lead to burning out which will not deliver the outcome of a successful business.

  • Maintaining mental health remotely
  • Understanding the needs of your team and offering the right solutions
  • Looking after yourself – how to make sure you are getting the best from yourself

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