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Measuring the contribution of private equity and venture capital to the UK economy

Read a BVCA-commissioned report, produced by EY, which shows how private equity- and venture capital-backed businesses employed 1.9 million workers, collectively earning £58bn, as of 2021.

How I Grew My Brand podcast: Will Butler-Adams, CEO of Brompton Bikes

Piper's How I Grew My Brand podcast looks at how Will Butler-Adams quietly built an iconic global bike brand.

Navigating the just transition

Michele Giddens, co-CEO at Bridges Fund Management and Sharon Johnson, COO of AgilityEco speak with Real Deals about the just transition and how it is being used in practice.

Deloitte’s UK economic outlook (May 2022)

Deloitte's Debapratim De looks at what's on the cards for the UK economy, with a sharp squeeze on disposable incomes and geopolitical tensions expected to lead to volatile growth this year.

Building the workspace of the future

How does PE approach human capital, skills shortages and generational shifts in portfolio company workforces.

Who is setting the pace for personal sustainability?

Deloitte delves into its new Sustainable Actions Index - a project that explores the individual and collective roles that people play in addressing climate change and sustainability, in order to build societal support for a low-carbon transformation.

What are the payroll software and technology trends for 2022 and beyond?

KPMG's Emily Salathiel explores the top five payroll software trends in 2022 and beyond, and how employers can utilise automation and cloud technology to enhance the employee experience.

Why innovation leaders must consider quantum ethics

EY explores the ethical considerations around the use of quantum technologies - which promise to revolutionise business but also present new business challenges and may aggravate ongoing technology risks.

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