What to watch & download

Review whitepapers, infographic reports, ebooks and other published material that will support your finance function in these new circumstances.

Growth Tactics for Market Penetration

9 Best Practice Sales Campaigns for Turbulent Times...🙌

Covid-19 Global Survey: Inside business- impacts and responses

ACCA's global research with over 10,000 finance professionals identifies a wide range of business and financial challenges facing organisations of all sizes and across all sectors

Coronavirus government support for businesses

We know things are uncertain at the moment, so we want to reassure you what we’re here to help you. On top of any financial support you might need, the Government has launched a range of temporary measures to support your business through this period of disruption caused by coronavirus

CCB Business support brochure

Coronavirus - support for businesses. This document outlines some of the support available to you and your business to ensure you’re well prepared for now and the future. Coronavirus – All. Together. Now. It’s clear that coronavirus has everyone feeling on edge and uncertain at the moment.

The roadmap to Covid-19 recovery

This webinar assesses the current environment and plot a roadmap to Covid-19 recovery. In such unprecedented times as this, it is crucial to take both a macro and micro view of the impact of the crisis and plot potential recovery.

Offence is the best defence

In the face of widespread disruption and major upheaval to all aspects of work and personal life, the most important task for private equity managers has been to communicate clearly and consistently with their investors.

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