Growing Business Intelligence was developed out of the prestigious Growing Business Awards, the most established awards for businesses in the UK which is now in its 22nd year.

The Awards are a key benchmark and barometer in the entrepreneurial business community and we recognised that there was a huge and critical need to provide ongoing support and advice to this community right through the year, rather than just around the time of awards. This need for knowledge and information has become even more important and timely over the past few months with the onset of Covid pandemic. It is clear that businesses of all sizes are going to need all the advice and support we can provide them over the coming years as the economy is slowly rebuilt.

The community we support is made up of businesses of all sizes but the one thing they all share is a strong and vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of drive, determination and optimism which will ensure that they continue to look for every way they can to power ahead over the coming years. They will be looking for all the expert advice they can find to help them overcome the obstacles and hurdles that lie ahead, and so will provide an enthusiastic target audience for your products and services.

Our aim at Growing Business Intelligence is to continue to foster and celebrate that unique entrepreneurial spirit that will be so vital to our economy and our society - and indeed to the businesses themselves, together with their employees and suppliers - over the coming years.

These are challenging but also exciting times to be part of the entrepreneurial community and as our partners we would be delighted to share this journey with you.


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