Supercharge your MarTech to innovate and excite your customers with Elite Business Live at Technology for Marketing

Elite Business, the business publication dedicated to inspiring Britain's SMEs, continues its nationwide tour broadcasting live for free at the UK's best expos.

As SME businesses navigate through evolving markets and technologies, the question of maintaining a competitive edge becomes increasingly crucial. The highly anticipated Elite Business Live panel at Technology for Marketing on September 27th starts at 11:55 and is set to be hosted by Oli Barrett MBE, serial co-founder, connector, and presenter.

The esteemed panel of experts, including Jake Mason, CMO at ScoreApp; Flavilla Fongang, Founder of 3 Colours Rule; Nick Dormon, Founder of Echo and Flavia Colombo, EMEA North Leader at Hubspot, will delve into essential strategies such as AI and automation, content marketing and digital marketing. They will provide dynamic examples that can revolutionise and supercharge your marketing efforts.

Flavia Colombo comments “Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into leveraging AI and automation tools in today’s marketing landscape. We’ll also address crucial mistakes to avoid when implementing new MarTech solutions within your team, whether it’s building single-channel campaigns or creating sophisticated cross-channel journeys at scale”.

Join Elite Business Live ‘On Tour’ to supercharge your business growth and learn from the industry’s best. These seasoned experts have successfully overcome similar challenges and are eager to share their top tips across content, brand, and digital marketing.

Time: 11:55 am
Date: September 27th, 2023 (day one of Technology For Marketing)